Insurance Finance Company, LLC

Since 1969, IFC has specialized in providing competitive premium finance services to Managing General Agents, Wholesale Brokers and Independent Insurance Agents nationwide. Our success is a direct result of our relationships. They are the foundation our business is built on.

We’re committed to helping agents and their insureds cover the cost of their unique insurance needs. We like to work with agencies that are:

  1. Growth oriented
  2. Value focused
  3. Constantly striving to improve their processes and run their agencies more efficiently

We work with leaders who are committed to improving their bottom line. Agency owners that truly appreciate and understand the value of a genuine partnership versus a vendor who is only interested in how much business you can send them.

IFC provides ease of quoting, ease of payments, and no issues with billing.
They're fast and efficient. That allows us to finalize the sales process more quickly.

- Mark N, Principal - Neighbor Insurance

Agent Focused Services

  • IFC provides personal, interactive training for your staff allowing them to be comfortable with our system and process. Especially when you have turnover.
  • No Call Centers! No Automated Phone Trees! IFC’s experienced staff will always pick up the phone and assist you.
  • We intentionally build a 1-on-1 relationship with you. An Agent Rep specific to your team invests in understanding your unique needs and forging a personal relationship with you and your
  • We support both the Agent and the Insured by accommodating most financing needs and payment options.
  • We have systems experts that can extract any data related to your premium finance business and produce tailored reports delivered daily, weekly or monthly to fit your specifications.
  • We’ll never cancel a policy without first notifying you. We’ll also be proactive in making every effort to give your insured an opportunity to get their policy reinstated if it does cancel.
  • We’ll give you 90-day terms when a return of unearned commission is needed due to a policy default.
  1. We actually answer our phones when you call – who wants to talk to a machine?
  2. We notify all stakeholders before we even think of cancelling.
  3. Our CEO, Brian Waller is available 24/7
  4. We treat you like family
  5. We notify you about your customer’s concerns as soon as they tell us.
  6. We notify you about your customer’s concerns as soon as they tell us.